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Brazilian Beef Ribeye


The Brazilian Beef Ribeye is a famous cut of steak amongst steak lovers. Known for its rich flavor and tender texture, its great marbling allows more moisture and flavor to soak into the meat.

A premium cut of beef that’s beautifully marbled, tender, and rich in flavor. Every bite of the ribeye steak is flavorful and soft thanks to the ideal ratio of fat and marbling to lean meat.

Did you know? The Ribeye comes from the rib of the beef.
We source our Brazilian Beef from Brazilian farmers who have been raising grain-fed cattle for more than 60 years.

Buy Like Chefs, and bring restaurant-style experience into your home for dinner or barbecuing with friends.

  • AED 16.63
  • AED 20.83
  • AED 19.78
  • AED 20.83
  • AED 24.95
  • AED 29.15
  • AED 29.15
  • AED 29.15


Supplied Brazilian Ribeye is raw or marinated.

Highly advised to cook meat fresh after purchase.


Additional information

Packaging360 gm/ 540 gm
Country of originBrazil
Shelf Life7 Days
Ingredients100% Brazil Ribeye
Storage conditions0ºC A 2ºC
AllergensGluten and allergen free


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