About Bulikechefs

About Us

Who are we?

We’re a part of Admirals, one of the leading UAE distribution companies in the UAE. For more than 20 years we’ve been delivering the highest quality meat to top restaurants throughout the UAE with the aim of bringing the same quality of excellence to your doorstep.

Why choose us?

Bringing the best quality meat, fresh and delicious meat cuts, finely prepared by our professional butchers knowing the exact requirements keeping in mind. All the fresh meat prepared is packed properly with proper packing measure and delivered to your doorstep in refrigerated trucks.


We’re committed to providing you with the finest meat products available, delivered right to your home.
Providing the ‘FOOD YOU TRUST

We at Admirals Trading (“Admirals”) have always been passionate about offering quality food products.

Products that impact lives positively, products that become a part of your everyday lives.

After more than a decade of developing a successful brand name in the region, Admirals is now an innovative, multi-disciplined food distributor along with a portfolio of premium products under ADMIRALS brand, catering to the Retail and Food Service channels. With a vision of vertical and horizontal expansion into Food manufacturing and Third party logistics in the near future.

BORN IN 2000

Started by 3 visionaries from New Zealand, our journey began in 2000 when they first arrived in Dubai. Having always shared a passion for food and people, they decided to join hands and build their own full-service food distribution company. 16 years of hard work and dedication later, Admirals is now a one-stop solution for the UAE and Oman market.

Owing to UAE’s strategic location and increasing tourism, we serve as a point of entry for international and local brands to thrive in a market rich with growth opportunities. Fully equipped with state-of-the-art warehousing facilities and a dedicated team of professionals, we continue to build our reputation of being a strategic food partner in the region.

Our extensive market knowledge has facilitated building a network of strong partnerships around the globe. We work intimately with key players across the supply chain including top manufacturers, brand developers, retailers and food service operators. We operate across multiple categories and have a proven track record of successfully launching, promoting and increasing sales for our brands. Our product category ranges from premium beef, poultry, lamb, veal, seafood, dairy and pizza to snacks, canned food, hot drinks, sauces and spreads.

At Admirals, we always put our suppliers and customers first, bringing innovative strategies and local insights that give their brands an operational advantage over the competition. We not only source, store and distribute brands, we promote and increase sales, taking full responsibility of brand reputation acting as true Brand Ambassadors in the GCC market.

2014 saw accelerated growth and higher ambitions for Admirals when we became a part of Saudi Arabia’s largest conglomerate, Rashed Abdul Rahman Al-Rashed & Sons Co. www.alrashed.com This has further strengthened the company and it is spear-headed for rapid expansion in coming years.

We work every day to reach kitchens and homes with “Food you trust”.