deSiam Beef Red Curry

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Curry! Give me all the Curry!

Experience the rich, luscious, and spicy flavors of deSIAM Beef red Curry. ​

Our fragrant Thai curry pastes are made from fresh chilies and give that unique punch to the flavour. ​

No preservatives or additives make it taste fresh.

The recipe serves 4 people and done in under 30 minutes!​

Ingredients: ​
  • Admirals AMP Pure Angus Beef Stroganoff Strips –   350gm​
  • deSIAM Red curry paste – 70gm​
  • deSIAM  Fish sauce – 1 tbsp​
  • Coconut milk – 180ml​
  • Aubergine (diced) – half​
  • Cherry tomatoes (quartered) – 5 pieces​
  • Baby corns – 50gm​
  • Coconut sugar – 1 tbsp​
  • Fresh basil – 1 bunch​

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