Ready to Cook Piemans Chicken Mushroom Pie

Introducing Piemans Chicken Mushroom Pie, the perfect combination of tender chicken and earthy mushrooms in a flaky pastry crust. Our Chicken Mushroom Pies are great for a quick and easy meal on-the-go, as a comforting dinner at home, or as a crowd-pleasing addition to any party or gathering. Try one today and experience the perfect balance of savory flavors and buttery pastry.

AED 7.88

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Our pies are made with the finest ingredients, including chicken and fresh mushrooms, ensuring every bite is bursting with flavor. Each pie is generously filled with a creamy chicken and mushroom filling that is seasoned to perfection. The crust is baked to a golden brown, giving it a delicious crunch that complements the savory filling.

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Packaging185g x 1 pc


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