Ready to Cook Ciabatta Fitness


Ciabatta Fitness is a healthier and more wholesome version of the classic Italian bread, Ciabatta. This bread is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy the delicious taste of Ciabatta while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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Ciabatta Fitness is made with a blend of high-quality whole grain flours, which include wheat, barley and water, and is packed with healthy seeds like sunflower seeds, brown linseed. These ingredients give the bread a delicious and nutty flavor while providing a variety of health benefits, such as fiber, protein, and healthy fats. The bread has a crispy crust and a soft and chewy interior, making it perfect for sandwiches, bruschetta, and crostini. It is also free from preservatives and artificial flavors, ensuring that you are getting only the best and most natural ingredients.


Additional information

Packaging125g x 2 pc
Country of originBelgium


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