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Brazilian Chilled Beef Striploin - Buy 1 get 1 free


Our Brazilian Beef Striploin has the perfect balance of fat and tenderness, with a fine and firm texture, it is very rich in flavor.

Did you know?
The striploin, also called a New York strip, a Kansas City strip steak (US), a sirloin steak (UK/NZ/ZA), or a porterhouse (AU), is a cut of beef steaks from the short loin.
We source our Brazilian Beef from Brazilian farmers who have been raising grain-fed cattle for more than 60 years.

Buy Like Chefs, and bring restaurant-style experience into your home for dinner or barbecuing with friends.

  • AED 22.68
  • AED 27.93
  • AED 27.93
  • AED 27.93
  • AED 34.02
  • AED 39.27
  • AED 39.27
  • AED 39.27


Brazil Meat;

Supplied meat raw or marinated;

Highly advised to cook meat fresh after purchase;

Perfect for steaks and grill

Additional information

SKU 10-222-008
Packaging 360 gm / 540 gm
Country of origin Brazil
Storage conditions 0ºC A 2ºC
Allergens Gluten and allergen free


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