Australian Ribeye Marbling 2+

Supplied product is raw or marinated.

Ribeye or Cube Roll is prepared from a Forequarter and consists of the M. longissimus dorsi and associated muscles underlying the dorsal aspect of the ribs (caudal edge of the 4th rib to the 13th rib inclusive). This cut is most popular for steaks and grill.

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  • AED 80.85
  • AED 80.85
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  • AED 118.65
  • AED 118.65


This Pure Black Angus Ribeye from the world’s most respected premium marbled beef producer Rangers Valley is a showstopper. This is the cut that’s got it all: flavor, texture, tenderness, and juiciness. This is one of our bestselling cuts, featured on countless notable menus across the UAE.
Ready to grill to impress?

Did you know? Rangers Valley is one of the world’s most respected premium marbled beef producers (marbling scores MB2+ to MB9). Specialized in long-fed pure Black Angus and Wagyu cross breeds to bring you the highest quality, best tasting, consistently tender and delicious beef, every time. Wholeheartedly committed to caring for their cattle, they are 100% HGP free. Rangers Valley beef is renowned for its exceptional quality, incredible flavour and succulent, juicy tenderness.

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Packaging360 gm / 540 gm


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